Draft books

Kaleidoscoop van termherschrijfsystemen

This book draft is a syllabus in Dutch for a course in term rewriting systems, given in 2005,  at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, by site author and Clemens Grabmayer in a most pleasant cooperation for a small group of most pleasant students. It could or should evolve to a book on the subject, but other unfinished draft books have priority.


A Tale of Two Jewels


This unfinished story is a chapter in the Liber Amicorum (Festschrift) for Jonathan Seldin, at the occasion of his 80th anniversary. The Tribute nr 51 of 282 pages is published by College Publications. The company CP was founded by Dov Gabbay, with current director Jane Spurr; it has numerous interesting and important books in their portfolio. This Tribute to Jonathan Seldin was edited by Fairouz Kamarreddine. It contains next to her chapter and the one here included (with consent of the publishing company) of this site’s author, chapters by Henk Barendregt; Martin Bunder; Mariangiola Dezani and Betti Veneri; Roger Hindley; Gerard Huet (two chapters); Gordon Plotkin. The title of CP Tribute 51 is:

A Century since Principia’s Substitution bedazzled Haskell Curry, in Honour of Jonathan Seldin’s 80th Anniversary, Editor Fairouz Kamareddine, College Publications 2023, ISBN 978-1-84890-436-1.

The inclusion of my chapter here is a slightly corrected and extended version of 2023 in the CP Tribute 51 as mentioned. In particular an extra Appendix is included, elaborating a passage about confluence by completion and ‘orefication’ in the main story.

NB: This story is not a paper, but an informal graphic novel! It was written, and drawn, in 2022.