This page contains some light-way stuff of miscellaneous nature. Farewell speeches for colleagues, a theater play and so forth.

Some aptitudes of Krzysztof (2014)

A farewell portrait speech in honour of Krzysztof Apt, on November 28, 2014 at CWI Amsterdam, of which we are these recent years both Fellows. And where we were for many years in the eighties and nineties neighbours in the corridor where Jaco de Bakker’s department of software engineering was residing. Krzysztof often greeted me in the morning: ‘I can smell you have arrived’, referring to my regrettable former habit of pipe/cigar smoking (luckily only until until 1994). This portrait is included with consent of Krzysztof .

An Honarary Degree A Scandalous Play by Krzysztof Apt (2003)

This lovely theater play by Krzysztof Apt was written around 2002, brought to my attention last year (2023), and included here with Krzysztof’s consent. I found it indeed scandulous and hilarious and greatly amusing. It images a random American University department in computer science. There is no resemblance with European university departments, for sure.