What one sees


Just finished reading the latest novel of Ian McEwan, Lessons  (2022), I’m a fan of McEwan, since reading ten years ago Saturday and Atonement and some other of his novels.  I also discovered rather late that I’m also a fan of David Mitchell, after reading…

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The Cube Equation

nieuwe kubus

The Cube Equation holds in lambda calculus, with the natural notion of residuals that is present there. It also holds in categories with pushouts, as  Barendregt expressed as an Exercise in his 1984 book, and which was around that time…

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Sal Bomela

The first decade of my life I grew up in Zaltbommel, originally probably a settlement of the army of the Roman Empire in their network of military settlements and fortifications, along the Limes, the Boundary with northern and eastern parts of…

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We are here!

How did the subjects featuring in this site originate in the flow of science history? The road map here gives a small bird’s eye view. Originally, we are in the Foundations of Logic and Mathematics. After the monumental Theory of Types…

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