In this Menu page Books we collect various book-related matters.

The first item is my Ph.D-thesis from 1980. The Photo there pictures the postal distribution of the thesis to many colleagues. We were not yet in modern times where just the pdf would be sent around; it was the good old time when a book was printed, and could be taken in your hands and generated other agrneeable sense-data. I belong to the generation where material books where loved for their appearace, even smell. Of course I know about the down-side, pointed out by younger friends and colleagues,  as to the cost in paper and trees… But then, I don’t fly anymore, as a most reluctant traveler. The photo pictures the activity of my wife Marianne, and daughter Maartje, who is shaping this website.

This photo album dates from June 11, 1980, Utrecht University, at the occasion of my PhD-defense and ceremony and subsequent festivities.  it gives an impression of traditional Dutch PhD-ceremonies, complete with two paranymphs, here Albert Visser and Hans van Maren, in an awe-inspiring academic environment that scares young promovendi. On the other hand, there is mental support by a room full of family and friends. 

In retrospect, there are the sad memories too. My parents and sister, and also Marianne’s parents are no longer with us, and the same for some dear friends on the pictures.